Some people collect stamps, others shoes ... I have been collecting patterns of thought since I can remember. Sifting through another book - gotcha ...

And with every pattern my perception of reality changed - until patterns began to emerge automatically and patterns cascaded into to each other ... and until my own act of "pushing" patterns onto the situation became perceptible, too.

Integral Theory / Ken Wilber stresses the importance of thinking in patterns for cognitive development ... and how happy I was, when I came across Otto Laske and his Manual of Dialectic Thoughtforms, part of Measuring Hidden Dimensions of Human Systems 2: At last I I found a "complete" set of thoughtforms that start where simple logic ends. 

These 28 Thoughtforms have been my first material that I put on cards (A6: 10,5 cm x 14,8 cm / 4,1 in x 5,8 in).

I used these cards in trainings and coachings - and for reflecting complex problems. Feedback and my own experiences encouraged me: patterns on cards can substantially support our thinking and improve the quality of our thinking.

From then on I developed more and more patterns-sets: metaphors, power, organisational, personality, values, ...

For each set I decided to produce: cards / 24page leaflet / toolbook with templates / videos.

Whereas the first cards were produced only in German (, I finally decided to offer the Pattern-Collection in English, too:  


This Collection will never be complete. Not only, because I find small und bigger mistakes every day (please let me know, too!). Especially, because the breadth of our (and I hope mine as well!) thinking widens ... If you have the impression, that there are misconceptions or that important aspects are missing: please let me know!


Bernhard Possert

Graz, Austria

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